Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Every election builds on the previous one

Jan Schakowsky endorsed my favorite candidate for the U.S. Senate, Barack Obama.

I worked on her primary campaign in 1998 against Howard Carroll and J.B. Pritzker when she ran for Congress. I worked a precinct in the 44th ward. (And when I say 'worked' I mean I was a volunteer).

Had she lost that election and Carroll or Pritzker sent to Congress in 1998, then that would have hurt the Obama campaign of 2004. Because Carroll probably would have endorsed Hynes while Pritzker probably would have endorsed Hull.

Similarly, I worked on Rey Colon's campaign for 35th ward alderman in 2003. And he is the first Latino elected to endorse Barack Obama. If Vilma Colom had stayed in office, she would have endorsed whomever Dick Mell endorsed (which is, I think, Blair Hull).

Every election matters. It's really interesting to see it all play out.

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