Thursday, January 08, 2004

Asthma epidemic rages -- we have to stop burning coal for electricity

This report in the Sun-Times by health reporter Jim Ritter shows that we've got an asthma epidemic. Chicago's rate is above the national average of 12 percent. (12 percent!). One of every three Puerto Rican kids has asthma. That's staggering. Those kids can't breathe.

We have to stop burning coal for electricity. That pollution settles right into our lungs.

Since the D.C. Republicans are led by their corporate wing, we need action by the state and the city. We've got two filthy coal power plants in Chicago (Fisk and Crawford). It's time to force them to clean up and stop giving us asthma.

Here's some more information on a Chicago ordinance introduced by Ed Burke and Danny Solis to clean up the plants. I've put in a call to Alderman Burke's office to see if they are going to try to earn more co-sponsors for the ordinance.

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