Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Supreme Court blows it. Bad day for democracy.

Five justices (with Kennedy as the swing) blew it today in Vieth. They approved a partisan power grab in Pennsylvania, allowing a political party to distort the will of the voters. If 50% of the vote can get a party 66% of the seats, that's a major problem.

The Court could have had a glorious moment, similar to Baker v. Carr in the 1963, unshackling voters from the oppressive power grab of a political force, but instead, they washed their hands of the mess.

My employer, the Center for Voting and Democracy, has information on the case including links to the opinions here. I didn't write any of this stuff, as I've been busy lobbying the Illinois General Assembly. So I won't get to read the opinions until Friday.

What a downer!

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