Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My idle speculation on Jim Edgar

Former Governor Jim Edgar said yesterday that he expects to make a decision much sooner rather than later on whether to run for a third term as governor.

I believe that he is being heavily courted by national GOP strategists and, frankly, who wouldn't be flattered by that sort of attention? I'd bet that President Bush put in a call to Edgar. Remember when GOP leaders were courting Edgar to run for the U.S. Senate in 2004, and Edgar mentioned that he had not yet received a call from President Bush? I'd bet that if President Bush had *not* called, Edgar would have mentioned that.

And I would imagine it is difficult to say no to the President of the United States.

But my hunch (based on no inside information and every third-hand bit of inside information I've heard indicates that he is likely to run) is that Edgar will not run.

And the mail reason why I think he won't run is because I think the Blagojevich re-election campaign will be one of the best the state has seen, and I suspect that Edgar (a very smart politician) understands that.

So for a bold prediction....sometime next week, Jim Edgar announces......that he is endorsing Steve Rauschenberger!


Anonymous said...

Regarding reasoning by analogy... Gov B is kind of like an establishment, super-wealthy New England Democrat running for president of the U.S. This is a hard pitch. It is not the Clintonian model (Arkansas) or Carter model. It does not work (Kerry, Dukakis) in natl elections (at least historically).

Gov B is the big city, elitist democrat. this may only go so far in illinois.

Anonymous said...

it is too bad you the dems don't have the clintonian-type candidate for governor-

Lazerlou said...

Slick Rod an elitest? Well, he might have gone to Northwestern and married into power, but an elitest? Those partician New England liberal labels don't stick too well to a guy from the NW side of Chicago of recent Eastern Eurpoean immigrant stock.

Thanks God I have Aronld the Governator as my state leader now!

Anonymous said...

the northwest side is the northwwest side and not the south side.

relatively speaking he is an elitist. his picture in the Illini Union in Champaign makes me cringe.

Lazerlou said...

Brilliant analysis: the northwest side is the northwest side and not the south side. That is true, but I'm not sure how it supports your position that "elitists" can be the sons of first generation immigrant laborers and can come from a working class ethic white neighborhood on the NW side of Chicago. Just because the NW side is not the south side, it does not mean it is Kenilworth.

And further I know far more "elitists" from the south side, hyde park specifically, than I do from the working class neighborhoods of the northwest side.

Your analogy is not apt my friend, nor is your defense of it sound.

Anonymous said...

the analogy is not 100% true - you are correct.

but it apperas he did go to NW and Pepperdine and not a state university. His picture is in the Illini Union. Funding for state universities has not been good. Some may see this as tyranny. I suppose those who want to privatize everything and get rid of public things (including public schools) may view Gov B choke hold on IL public universities as a good thing.

Lazerlou said...

You're just digging yourself a bigger hole. Pepperdine is not an elitist or liberal school by any stretch of teh imagination.

It is, in fact, just the opposite: a christian conservative school (Ken Starr is Dean)not even ranked in the top 50 law schools in the country.

So... you were saying something about elitism?

Anonymous said...

it is elitist in the sense that it does not have variation.

it is a school for california wannabes.

Anonymous said...


it is remotely possible that you are digging yourself a bigger hole. Gov B and President Bush are competing to have the lowest approval ratings. People are not happy. Why defend poor performance?

Anonymous said...

yeah, the IL governor comes from a school not even in the top 50. rankings are overrated anyways...

Lazerlou said...

Er, I'm not defending anyone. Please read. Slick Rod can go F himself for all I care. I'm just saying that calling Slick Rod a New England Liberal Elitist is way off. He is the son of a poor immigrant, and as such is like Clinton somewhat, but with worse skin.

Anonymous said...

I really do not have perspective on the skin.

Anonymous said...

Someone from IL govt may want to attend:

Host: Institute for International Research
Event: 10th Annual Medicaid Drug Rebate Program, September 26-28
Location: Drake Hotel, Chicago, 140 East Walton Pl., Chicago, Ill.
Event Contact: 1-888-670-8200

Lazerlou said...

Delay sucks ass! He has the nerve to say this is a misuse fo the DA's office for political reasons? The guy who gets the house to give special jurisdiction to Fed Courts to hear a right to die case decided in state court that he didn't like? The guy who called for the impeachment of the Fed Judge who upheld the state court ruling?

Oh I hope Delay rots in jail. I do.

Bill Baar said...

Aldermen are the elites in Chicago.

Didn't Royko say something about pinky rings as power symbols here?

We're not New England. Our elites look different.

B married into Chicago aristocrats... gotta face it, or you just don't know our city.

Listen to the tape of Old man Daley talking too LBJ about Eddie Hanrahan for States Attorney: `Oh,' you know,`this guy has a great education, he's a great lawyer, he's a great American. And best of all, he's a precinct captain.'

That's what counts.

Roeser got it right in his blogs. They're plenty of good candidates in the Primary. Edgar should stay home.

Anonymous said...


How can you work for Senator Sandoval when he is anti-choice? I can forgive his connections to HDO, but this is really awful

Dan Johnson-Weinberger said...

Why would you suggest that Senator Sandoval is anti-choice?

Anonymous said...

Personal PAC, the leading pro-choice organization in Illinois affirmed that he is anti-choice. You really have sold out.

Dan Johnson-Weinberger said...

You're wrong on both counts.

Anonymous said...

pro-life and pro-choice is a false dichotomy-