Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Campus (and young, however self-defined) Dems: come to Springfield on Wednesday, February 8th!

Are you a young or college/campus Democrat and wondering how to get more involved? Would you like to meet some legislators, staffers and other young Democrats in Illinois? And maybe you'd like an event to kickstart your college Democrats chapter at your school?

How about a road trip to Springfield on Wednesday, February 8th?

That day college Dems from around the state are converging in Springfield to check out the Illinois General Assembly in action (the House and the Senate are in session). And from 6 to 8, the Fund for Campus Democratic Party Organizing (I'm the treasurer, and Rocket Richards is the director/president) is having a party at Floyd's in downtown Springfield. Address is 210 S. 5th Street. It's free, but a cash bar (and sometimes legislators will pick up the tab).

We'll likely try to organize a lunch as well, but since this is all volunteer, a lot of it is do-it-yourself.

However, this is (I hope) a good opportunity to meet other Democrats, including staff and legislators, to see what a Democratic-run government is all about.

Our first event was last week and it was a success. Thanks to our donors, Senate Majority Leader Debbie Halvorson, Senator Martin Sandoval, Assistant Majority Leader Lou Land and Representative Naomi Jakobbson for making this possible. And if you'd like to donate to or volunteer for a (very small) PAC designed to help organize campus Democrats in Illinois, email me at . We've also got a new blog here and we are looking for campus bloggers to start filling it up.

Hope to see you in Springfield!

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