Friday, February 24, 2006

Bad-ass bureaucrat of the month: Jesse Ruiz.

What a bitch-slap of bigotry!

What do you do if some sleazy law firm is trampling on the constitutional rights of immigrants by telling a school district to scare off immigrants from the public school?

Shut that school down!

In an unprecedented move for justice, the Illinois State Board of Education, led by lawyer Jesse Ruiz, voted to de-recognize the Elmwood Park School District because they had been (illegally) asking students if they were citizens or not.

And so instead of wringing their hands and sighing about local control and misguided priorities and hoping for a better day, Ruiz and the Board took emergency action and shut down the school!

And they say government moves slowly....

Days like today make me more partisan. It's hard for me to imagine that a Republican-appointed Chairman of the Board of Education would have so boldly stood up for justice, especially with the anti-immigrant fifth or so of the Republican electorate.


Levois said...

I just wish more public officials can do something like this. Some seem to be less concerned about doing the right thing.

FightforJustice said...

According to columnist Mark Brown in the Sun-Times (Feb. 26), the students in question were not illegal aliens. Instead they are tourists who received their visas contigent on the rule that they would not enroll in school. Would it be "bigotry" if the feds revoked the tourist visas?

Lazerlou said...

Hmmm. Dan, why is it illegal to ask about alienage? Since when are non-citizens afforded the sam con rights as citizens? And how is seeking not to spend money on illegal aliens not a compelling government interest? Just curious about the law. I'mall for the post but you seem to be jumping to conclusions legally (at least as far as I know)