Monday, October 09, 2006

College Democrats -- a new network for Illinois student Dems

I've been helping start a small political committee called the Fund for Campus Democratic Party Organizing.

The idea is that Illinois is one of the bluest states in the nation. There are fantastic stories to tell about the progressive laws and policies coming out of our state government, and it's easy to get inspired about the good that government can do by seeing what a state government is doing.

Especially when it's easy for progressives to get depressed by what the federal government has been doing (enriching the wealthy at the expense of the rest of us and spending our commonwealth on the occupation of Iraq, not on our human capital), it's important to tell the story of state and local government here.

On a related note, college Democrats in Illinois should have the chance to visit Springfield on a regular basis and meet the very approachable legislators that are implementing the progressive agenda every year.

That's one of the main hopes of the Fund for Campus Democratic Party Organizing.

So, if you are a college Democrat (or close enough to either category), sign up for our email list here. Or just email me at with your ideas and thoughts about how to better connect college and university Democrats with the state government (and each other).

Illinois Campus Democrats: Join Our Email List

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