Friday, April 06, 2007

Help elect a progressive, Sheila Simon, as Mayor of Carbondale

Sheila Simon is running for Mayor of Carbondale. She is the daughter of Paul Simon and has inherited the family trait of public integrity -- so much so that she's limiting any donations to her campaign to fifty dollars.

Fifty bucks!

That means no developer or other interested party will be able to sway her decision-making ability by reminding her that her re-election depends on them remaining invested in her campaign.

It's kind of the opposite approach of Mitt Romney, as this post on DailyKos explains. He basically got a lot of money people to write huge checks, and thus Mitt Romney will advocate for making the rich even richer at the expense of all the rest of us. (Read: make the Bush tax cuts permanent, particularly the marginal income tax rate on income above $250,000 and continue to tax wealth much less than work).

So, since Shelia Simon caps her contributions at $50, she needs 1000 people to kick in $50 to raise $50,000, instead of 10 organizations with an agenda to each kick in $5,000 (as is the general practice).

I've maxed out (first time I've ever been able to say that for a candidate!) and I hope you will too.

Check out her campaign site here and donate here:

(Thanks to Larry at Archpundit for the idea).

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