Thursday, December 06, 2007

Obama concert Friday at the Riv with Macy Gray, Jeff Tweedy, Stephan Jenkins, Jill Sobule, Cool Kids, The Changes, Canasta

This is a cool thing: there's a big concert tomorrow night at the Riviera for the Obama for President campaign. The headlines are in the headline (Macy Gray, Jeff Tweedy and lots of others).

Tickets aren't cheap ($50 to $500), but it's a fundraiser for the campaign that is successfully taking on the most entrenched Democratic political machine in the nation on a platform of progressive reform.

A million people donating $100 and 100 hours a year creates the world's most powerful force for justice.

The Obama campaign is getting closer every day.

Join the campaign.

If you want to buy tickets to the concert, you must do so here.

And while you're at it, tell one person you know (anyone will do) that you are going to vote for Barack Obama and ask them to consider doing so as well. Word-of-mouth is the most powerful political weapon on earth. Use it.

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tadly said...

Big O in 08! Picking up the Big Mo!
Even here in Arizona, people are impressed with Obama.
Being originally from the Peoria area and now in Arizona, the only candidate that makes sense in this race is Barrack Obama.
He has that RFK quality about him, looking to make a positive change in America. Answering questions with legitimate accuracy and thought through comments.
This candidate would represent the United States, not just a few.
Go Big O!