Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Inc. Magazine: Entrepreneurs want government-financed or -regulated health care

The growing political chasm between Corporate America (represented by most Chambers of Commerce organizations) and entrepreneurial small businesses that actually create jobs is growing.

Health care is the latest example.

According to Jane Berentson, Editor of Inc. Magazine, most entrepreneurs favor Democratic candidates over Republicans, and one of the main reasons is that "57 percent [of 1000 leaders of small-businesses] said that a regulated system would be good for growing businesses." This is a group that self-identifies as 37% Republican, 27% Democratic and 24% independent.

The Republican Party's stubborn refusal to break free of the insurance companies' parasitic role in delivering health care -- and many Democratic leaders willingness to shrink or abolish their role -- is shifting small business to the blue column.

Why, then, are the business lobbies so in thrall to the insurance agenda? Why are they so ideological?

When will have an entrepreneurial business lobby that can advocate for cheaper, more reliable energy (and thus against the old school utilities and oil companies), advocate for cheaper and more reliable health care (and thus against the insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies), advocate for taxes on wealth and high income to pay for better education and infrastructure (and thus against the Wall Street Journal wing of the GOP)?

As soon as entrepreneurs decide to fund one that advocates for their interests, not Corporate America. I hope that day comes soon.

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