Friday, March 21, 2008

If Richardson can endorse Barack, why can't Rahm Emanuel?

There is only one super-delegate from Illinois who has not endorsed Barack Obama.

That's Congressman Rahm Emanuel.

He remains neutral in this contest.

Trouble is, the superdelegates are going to decide the nomination.

And that means Rahm Emanuel's vote at the Denver convention will be crucial.

Why hasn't he endorsed Barack Obama when every other Illinois superdelegate and the vast majority of the pledged delegates have done so?

Because President Bill Clinton brought him into national politics and he remains loyal to his former boss. That's not a bad thing. And in fact, there wasn't any reason to complain about his decision to stay neutral, even after his state and the primary voters of his district overwhelmingly supported Barack Obama in the February 5th primary.

Until now.

Now that it's clear that his vote matters. And the dwindling number of unpledged superdelegates are crucial to the entire contest.

Now it's time to pick sides.

Today, Governor Bill Richardson endorsed Barack Obama. Governor Bill Richardson was just as loyal to the Clintons as Rahm Emanuel. Richardson was appointed Ambassador to the United Nations and Secretary of the Energy Department by President Clinton. That's a big deal.

But he made a decision -- after the voters of his state weighed in.

Why won't Rahm Emanuel do the same?

It's time for Illinois Democrats to end the Emanuel exemption for endorsements.

It's understandable why he has been neutral. Now, however, with the Clinton campaign signaling their intent to campaign all the way until the August convention in Denver (even though there is no way that Senator Clinton can earn more delegates or total votes than Senator Obama, which means the only way that Senator Clinton can win the nomination is if superdelegates like Rahm Emanual decide to pick her over the majority of voters and majority of pledged delegates), it's time to unify behind Obama.

It's time for Rahm Emanuel to endorse Barack Obama.

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Reed said...

Not to get overly cynical, but some of the information in this posting may explain Emanuel's delay. (Check out the second quoted section in particular.)