Sunday, June 08, 2008

What is John Kass' obsession with Barack Obama?

I really don't get it.

I try not to let John Kass get under my skin. I admire his background as a reporter and I think he turns a poetic phrase. But his overwhelming narcissism to fancy himself a political force unto himself combined with his currently zealotry to convince the national press that Barack Obama is not a political reformer because....because he's from Chicago! is getting ridiculous.

His latest column is a good example

For the last, oh, three years, John Kass has tried to sully up Obama's well-deserved reputation as a force for government transparency because he is not waging a battle in the city council against (presumably) Mayor Daley. That's enough to make him borderline corrupt in Kass' columns. Helping to negotiate the biggest Illinois ethics reform since Watergate in his first few years as a state senator? No big deal. Moving the federal ethics law forward after the Dems cleaned up Congress in 2007, essentially on his own through relentless advocacy for greater transparency within the caucus? Whatever. Conceiving of and passing the most aggressive procurement transparency measure the federal government has ever done in partnership with a conservate Republican back when he was in the minority? So what? He endorsed Daley for mayor! So he must be corrupt!

I mean, if Barack Obama were an Alderman and wasn't vigorously pursuing out of some deference to Daley the exact same agenda of transparency and reform that he has successfully implemented in every legislature that he has served, then I think Kass would have a point. But, of course, he's not an Alderman. He's working on federal transparency instead of municipal transparency because, oh, that's his job. 

I really hope Kass quits trying to connect invisible dots for other reporters in some vain attempt to alter Obama's well-earned reputation as a political reformer. It's getting a little creepy.  


Reed said...

I've noticed the same thing, Dan. It has gotten to the point where I don't read any of Kass' columns anymore (not that I was his most rabid fan to begin with). I can only imagine that he feels that he's found his "angle" on the Obama story and keeps hoping that it will gain traction. But nobody's buying it because it's too far-fetched. Well, Fox & Friends may eventually get to it. They seem to be out of ideas at this point.

Loki said...

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Kevin said...

I agree with Reed – he's probing for a new angle on Obama/Chicago Machine guilt-by-association attack. It's a weak argument to begin with, but it's also completely false, and won't fly – not even on Fox News (they'd rather stick with the pathetic terrurist/sekrit Muslim falsehoods).

But I also think that Kass is fundamentally a lazy columnist who has run out of other easy topics he wants to write about. Because Obama is hot and Kass has a fairly unique take on the topic, the editors are happy to let him run with it.

Kass is flawed in many ways beyond laziness, and that he is so flawed is why I don't let him get under my skin. Just think of how much worse off you'd be if his column were in the hands of better conservative writer. You don't have to look too far in the blogosphere to find people who could do a much better job for "their" side.

Full disclosure: I measure laziness by the lack of: volume of writing, diversity of topics, and evidence of original reportage. Kass may be working his Dockers-sized butt off over at CLTV or WGN, but I'm familiar only his work at the Tribune.

Dan Johnson-Weinberger said...

Thanks Reed and Kevin. And, of course, the idea of "the cesspool of Chicago politics" is, in my view, very overblown. While there is still too large a percentage of the electorate that tolerates corruption (and thus allows the old school behavior to continue), that percentage is shrinking as those people die. I think the reformers are growing in strength every year.

Loki said...

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Steve Bartin said...

I think Kass is more than right on this one.Obama is every bit the machine politician Chicago Democrats are looking for.When you hang out with Tony Rezko and do real estate deals with him,that's the Chicago Way.Obama supported Todd Stroger when he could have supported Claypool.Obama's political mentor has been Emil Jones(no reformer).Obama worked in Allison Davis' law firm,a white collar private patronage style operation of the Daley Machine.So,the facts are pretty clear Obama is a status quo type of guy.The more interesting questions are have the Feds interviewed Obama about his relationship with Rezko and/or Allision Davis??? Chicago is obviously the sleaziest large city in America.That's why the FBI has the largest public corruption squad in Chicago.The recent building inspectors,Hired Truck,the Sorich patronage operation,the Water Department,The SOS unit,The Duffs,Operation Family Secrets,Tony Rezko,and on and on.Patrick Fitzgerald has ample evidence that Chicago's government is itself a racketeering enterprise.Honest Chicago citizens can only hope that Fitzgerald will sue Chicago as such.

Reed said...

I had one more thought. Kass' line of argument reminds me of the 9/11 conspiracy theorists. His best argument is "where there's smoke, there's fire." But if you're going to impugn the guy, you need to get some evidence. 9/11 conspiracy theorists believe that George Bush blew up the twin towers, but if they don't have any evidence, nobody is going to listen to them. Somehow these approaches feel the same to me. Not great company for Kass...

@Steve, Detroit is still a large city, and significantly more sleazy than Chicago. (But yeah, maybe we're #2?)

Steve Bartin said...


No question Detroit is a sleazy place.But,it's not in Chicago's league.Where else could a "high ranking made member" of the Mob be elected to a City Council? Today in 2008,the FBI and Justice Department are still dealing with how Alderman Roti high jacked Chicago's political system.

Kevin said...

Steve's take on the depth of corruption in Chicago may be somewhat accurate, but its relation to Obama is not. Regarding Rezko, at the time of Obama's ill-considered real estate dealings with him, Rezko was a hustling businessman, but nonetheless a legitimate one in the eyes of but a select few. It must have been tempting for an eager and not well-off up-and-comer like Obama to establish closer – and more lucrative – ties to the likes of Rezko. That he didn't speaks well of his caution (that he dealt with him at all speaks to his ambition, but that's another issue).

Regarding the contest for county board president, just about every major politician except for the north siders endorsed Stroger, no? Not to mention all the unions. My memory is vague, so if anyone can name some major Claypool endorsers south of North Ave., please chime in. Given that Claypool lost, Obama's was the smart endorsement – "don't back no losers" is sound political advice outside Chicago as well. And remember when this race started up, Obama's popularity with African-American voters was questioned; opposing Stroger would not have helped then (BTW if you don't remember those early days, checkout The Daily Show and Larry Wilmore's dead-on analysis).

And Obama's two highest races point to his independence from the Chicago machine. One is his losing challenge to Bobby Rush, and the other is his senate bid, which cost machine product Dan Hynes the seat. After Obama won the primary, the machine endorsed him so he'd go to Washington and be out of their hair. And when Daley ran for re-election, Obama returned the favor. That there wasn't an electable alternative probably helped this decision – the "don't back no losers" principle again. And that Obama and Daley share David Axelrod as an advisor is almost certainly another factor.

I think a majority of American will be come to know Obama as a Chicago politician who functioned with the Chicago machine, but was not sucked into it. And they will discover what an achievement that has been, and how fortunate we would be to have someone with those skills in our highest office.

David Ormsby said...

Well written post, Dan.

mary said...

J.k. is correct..too bad for those who don't want to open their eyes...with Obama keeping people like PENNY PRITZER DAVIS AXLEROD AND VALERIE JARRETT on his campaign committee his hands are in the cookie jar just now he wants a bigger jar...let's not forget AYERS. and WRIGHT WHO WAS ON COMMITTEE until people caught Obama lying but yet with Jarrett and Davis And Rezko and the $175,000 THEY GAVE oBAMA in the last 10 years and Pritzer with her defunked Superior bank and her owing $450 mill to FDIC (will Obama "forgive" her of this loan??? but then again her and her family gave Obama (HYATT family)$40,000 in 2002-2004...a politician of "CHANGE" YES the $$$$ change and no "special interest" people either huh????