Monday, September 22, 2003

Beyond the Beltway was a good show last night. My favorite moment was when Dan Proft, conservative advocate and strategist, was continually called "war hero" by a caller when Dan was on a rant about why the war on terrorism is essentially a blank check for the president to do whatever he thinks is a good idea with our military. Dan and I had a few tussles; he's a good guy and it was fun. I like Bruce DuMont's stubborn insistence that every caller acknowledge some small validity in the other side (wouldn't you acknowledge that the lack of any attack on U.S. soil might have some little thing to do with what the Bush Administration has been doing -- that thye might have been doing something right?). And Jim Wall is a good, southern Democrat from Elmhurst, counting delegates for the Dean campaign. I told him about cumulative voting rights for the DuPage County Board to get the 40% of Democrats in DuPage County some representation on the board (currently 18-0 GOP), and I should follow up with him. If you are in Chicago and you've never checked out the Museum of Broadcast Communications, you should. That's where Beyond the Beltway is broadcast from, and it is worth a trip.

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