Thursday, September 25, 2003

Cubs win in Cincinnati. Awesome game.

I just got back from Cincinnati. The Cubs won. Shawn Estes pitched a complete game shutout -- best outing of the season for the fifth starter on the team. My brother Jake, my buddy Mike Smith and I drove from Chicago at 11 am this morning to arrive at the Great American Ballpark around 6 pm eastern, bought 5 dollar tickets in the upper deck, took amazing seats behind home plate for batting practice, and stayed there all game. The Cubs, playing championship ball, treated the AAA Reds they way they should: 8 runs scored, 0 runs allowed. The crowd was a Cub-crowd (lots more blue than red in the stands). Afterwards, a bunch of fans stayed to cheer for Estes as he did some media interviews. And he was pumped as well, pumping his fist for the after-game fans still screaming in the stands after the game lights went out. Great game. Cubs still in first place. This could be the year.

Otherwise, I owe some updates on, especially on the Senate endorsement side, and will do that by Friday.

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