Saturday, November 15, 2003

Clinton: "It's your money. And it's your country."

Bill Clinton has a great line in an interview in the November issue of the American Prospect with Michael Tomasky. Tomasky asks how to respond when Republicans crow about taxes that "It's your money. It's not the government's money. And we just want you to have more of your own money." Tomasky calls it so emotionally compelling when Bush says "It's your money -- you deserve it back" and Clinton comes up with:

"It's your money, and it's your *country*. So what kind of country do you want?"

Bill Clinton was one talented guy. That's an awesome line.

Because that shifts the question into the results that we want from government investment (good schools, a better economy, less sickness from pollution) and avoids the simplistic appeal of "It's your money"

I hope that line "It's your money. And it's your country." gets picked up by Dems around the country. It's a great counter-attack to a great GOP line.

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