Monday, November 03, 2003

Going to Springfield to lobby

Hate to delve into the 'diary' aspect of the blog, but I'm going to Springfield tomorrow to lobby the Illinois General Assembly.

And the odd part is that I don't have any specific bill I'm working on.

One bill I really worked on is now law (county boards may now give cumulative voting rights to voters in multi-seat districts). The other bills are all dead.

So I'm going to set up some bills for the 2004 session. And because I really like the legislature.

I confess.

I find the legislature endlessly fascinating.

It is the most diverse group of people in the state.

Can you think of a more diverse bunch?

And they have to somehow figure out how to advance justice, form a more perfect union, grow the economy and make sure the vulnerable are protected.

It's a wonderful thing to watch. And it's even more fun to participate.

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