Thursday, February 10, 2005

Joe Moore is in the DNC. Very cool

49th Ward Chicago Alderman Joe Moore is apparently (according to this post at archpundit) now on the Democratic National Committee. Joe is a very smart progressive, so that's a good sign for the DNC.

Oh, and I think Dean is great for Party Chair. He's a great messenger for speaking truth to power.


Anonymous said...

this blogger doesn't think so much of joe

Anonymous said...

Alas, Dan we thought you were a lot sharper. You are seriously uninformed about Moore, an accomplished issue spinmeister. This alderman is a great talker, skilled at pontification and posing on progressive issues around the globe. Sadly, in our 49th ward we know better and see all the cheap talk for what it is. I challenge you to look to his actions, and worse inaction, on issues (closed door decisionmaking and mere lip service on affordable housing development to name a few concerns) in our Rogers Park community. What he does is predictably the exact opposite of what he brags about when the Liberal Pols Club gathers to congratulate themselves on their sensitivity to the public's needs. Considering Moore's very strong financial donor base in the real estate industry, which amounts to more $$ than most Chicago aldermen get, it is no surprise to discover what principles actually guide his "public service."

Dan Johnson-Weinberger said...

Even if you two are correct (and I'm not saying that you are), by your own admission Joe Moore is an excellent addition to the DNC -- because he can grasp global issues well and can articulate the progressive agenda. The DNC is, essentially (as I understand it) a policy-making body for the Democratic Party that sets the tone and picks the Chair. Even if you think he is a bad alderman, as a progressive, you should applaud his position with the DNC.

Anonymous said...

Just what we need at the DNC, a person not concerned with the local issues that have an impact on peoples' lives--because people never vote based on their local situation, just the global issues of the day. There is definitely a sense in Rogers Park that Joe isn't taking care to address issues important to local progressives.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Joe is completely ineffective. The only time he does much of anything is when he's up for election. The rest of his term is a paid vacation.

He has made no progress in the troubled ward he is paid to help improve. He has no plan for this community.

His only supporters are property developers. Wonder why?

His biggest action in the City Council was to propose legislation to ban foie gras from Chicago restaurants.

Yeah, that's the kind of progressive thinking we need.

I've given the guy a chance to get something done -- anything -- but he's a failure and needs to be replaced.