Thursday, August 25, 2005

GOP gubernatorial endorsements (and predictions)

I'm tracking the endorsements of elected and party officials for the Republican nomination for governor at this site:

If you have any endorsements that are public (on a campaign website), please send them to me.

I'll probably do one for the other GOP statewides as well, and for the Dem Treasurer race (no real candidates so far....maybe that's a sign of how much cross-over appeal Judy Baar Topinka enjoys).

I did this for the '04 Senate primary (both D and R), and if you'd like to remember who endorsed whom (and who didn't endorse), that site's address is

I notcied that Fritchey has predicted that Jim Edgar will get the GOP nomination. Any other predictions?

I predict that Edgar will not run. But I'm not ready to make a prediction who will get the nomination. Feel free to predict in comments.


MDS said...

May I suggest that you make the endorsements bold so they stick out among the list of officials who have not endorsed anyone?

Lazerlou said...

I endorse Dan Johnson Weinberger for Governor of Illinois. BTW I found my Washburne junior high school yearbook, and who should be prominently featured on the student counsel page standing at the podium giving a speech? DJW in all his 12 year old glory. Dan, you always did love the spot light. I'll have to scan that baby.

Anonymous said...

do not know enough to predict or endorse-

Anonymous said...

did you see the article in the Chicago Tribune around Aug 21 or so called something like Illinois Could Use a Few Good Edisons?

the content in this should be a campaign issue.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

fair enough, DJW, but if you're making predictions about a ticket, an omission for AG is a fairly large hole in the ticket ... not that Madigan is terribly vulnerable ... I wonder why Rutherford is going for SOS rather than Comptroller. Of the Dem constitutional officers, Hynes, fresh from his 2004 defeat, would seem more vulnerable than Jesse White.

Also, if you're advising Jim Edgar (and if you are, DJW, that would be very impressive for a Senate Dem staffer), wouldn't you want to cut a deal with the White House to get assurances of a Cabinet post in the event that you lose the race for guv? That way, if Edgar loses, he saves face by finishing his career as DOT Secretary (to throw out an option considering Mineta has been there since the beginning of the Bush Adm)

dazednamused said...


SOrry, DJW, but I confused your blog with Rep. Fritchey's in my mind when I posted anonymously at 3:28 PM about the GOP slate. Fritchey had predicted the GOP slate minus the AG slot over at his blog. And I had just come over from his blog to yours. Sorry about that.

Hmmm, Fritchey and DJW. Separated at birth?