Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I hope the Iraqis can come through

Maybe we should cut the Iraqis some slack.

After all, when we held our constitutional convention in 1787 in Philadelphia, we blew just about every deadline in the book.

The most important rule we broke was the requirement under the Articles of Confederation (the constitution that governed the 13 colonies at the time) that every state agree to any changes in the document.

The delegates ignored that one, since Rhode Island didn't send any delegates to the convention, and just came up with a new rule (after meeting in secret for four months) that required 9 of 13 states to agree to ratify the brand new document.

So if it takes a while to come up an agreement in Iraq, that's OK. I hope they do.

And by the way, there's no way they'll create an Electoral College or a horribly unrepresentative Senate with two legislators per area. If we were to create a new constitution in the U.S. (and we should), we wouldn't tolerate these distortions in our government.

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MDS said...

No, the Iraqi government won't have an electoral college. It will have specific rights that are denied of women and Jews. Two thousand Americans have died trying to give Iraq a better government, many of them women and Jews. The average American family, including millions of women and Jews, will end up paying more than $11,000 in extra taxes to finance this war. The Iraqi constitution is a disgrace.