Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Al Franken's running for the Senate. Good for him.

Today, the flagship talk radio host for progressives announced he is running for the U.S. Senate from Minnesota.

The stuffed shirts are rolling their eyes.

Well, I say, good for Al Franken.

I'm not sure he'd be the best U.S. Senator, but I know he's among the best communicators we've got. He's very good at articulating progressive policies well, and we need more of that. Listen to him tell his story and hear how he defends the value of government: keeping the vulnerable alive, paying for most of college and making life better for all of us. That's common-sense storytelling that connects with people and exposes the libertarians for what they are: salesmen with a bad product.

One thing I learned from his website is that he wrote the screenplay for "When A Man Loves A Woman." That movie is fantastic. And, it's set in one of best cities in North America: Zihuatanejo. Anyway, good for Al Franken. I hope he has a big event in Chicago this summer.

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