Saturday, February 10, 2007

Barack Obama's speech begins -- live blogging

And they play U2 to start. That's a nice touch.

Man, it must be freezing.

"I know it's chilly. But I'm fired up!"

That's a nice nod to SEIU.

"Building that more perfect union"

A nice nod to Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr.

I've written about this before, but just imagine the pastor or priest on the Southeast Side 20 years ago who received a letter from a Columbia University senior with a funny name asking for a job as a community organizer. And could that person, in a devastated neighborhood, ever imagine that by choosing that person, and not someone else, he set a course of history in motion that led to a presidential campaign.

"Our cherished rights of liberty and equality depend on the active participation of an awakened electorate."

Right on.

"It was here in Springfield that I saw all that is America converge."

This is so Barack! After his applause line kicking off his campaign, he says "wait a minute, I know there's an audacity to this" to settle people down! Always thoughtful.

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