Monday, September 15, 2008

Toe-to-toe with the Barack's Swift Boaters tonight on WGN

I was fortunate enough to be invited to appear on the Milt Rosenberg show (streaming now on on WGN 720 am to defend the idea of truth and honesty on the other side of the table from David Freddoso, the author of a hatchet job on Barack Obama. This from the same publisher who put out one of the Swift Boat books against John Kerry -- and part of the problem in modern politics.

If you can download the podcast, let me know how I did.


Aloysius said...

So you believe that John Kerry spent Christmas in Cambodia in 1968 at the orders of "President" Nixon? Do you believe that his original discharge was honorable?

Swift boating is telling the inconvenient truth about a prominent person.

I listened to you on WGN (in a subsequent podcast) and I found you to be a very lame apologist for Barry. President of the Senate vs. Majority leader makes this a lie? Pretty lame I would say.

The conservatives do a better job of getting the word out because the Democrats they are up against are such flimsy substitutes for real men that the books are easily written.

Reed said...

Are you implying that George W. Bush is a "real man"? I would flatly disagree with such a sentiment and would love to hear your argument in favor of his "real manness." I haven't seen it evidenced in anything he has ever done.

Aloysius said...

Compared to John Kerry, Al Gore and Barack Obama George Bush is a real man.

Do you believe John Kerry spent Christmas in Cambodia?