Tuesday, September 23, 2008

When will McCain answer the "divided Republicans" question

One of John McCain's biggest rivals for the Republican presidential nomination, Congressman Ron Paul, just formalized his rejection of the McCain/Palin ticket in favor of the Constitution Party's presidential campaign of Chuck Baldwin.

Congressman Paul was earning up to 25% of the votes of Republican primary-goers in the second half of the campaign (after McCain clinched it). That's a lot of unhappy conservatives!

After Senator Clinton held an event in Unity, New Hampshire and aggressively and enthusiastically endorsed Obama -- along with every single one of the other Democratic candidates -- isn't it time for some stories on how the Republican/conservative base is more divided than the Democratic base?

A Republican Member of Congress and second-tier but not inconsequential Republican presidential candidate rejecting the Republican nominee in favor of a third party is a rather big deal. 

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