Sunday, September 01, 2013

Creating replicable progressive state and local policy is really valuable

We progressives are part of the governing coalition of a whole lot of governments. (The federal government isn't one of them, alas. The US House blocks everything). We don't come close to taking full advantage of that.

Our blue cities, counties and states should be raising standards of living and per capita purchasing power by cutting household budget costs and buying in bulk the insurance, education, recreation and transportation everyone needs. And we should be figuring out how to push the envelope every year.

So if progressives in one blue city or state can figure out how to implement a good policy (like a local minimum wage or paid leave) that is replicable, then the many other blue cities and states can piggyback off their hard work and implement the same thing with likely very similar results.

That means our job is to figure out how to develop and implement replicable progressive state and local policies. And then help spread the word about them.

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