Monday, September 02, 2013

Robert Reich's Labor Day agenda deliverable by state and local governments

Robert Reich (Clinton's Labor Secretary) released a video today with on the best way to celebrate Labor Day - remembering just how bad working people have fared in the last few decades and calling for a six-step policy agenda to increase wages again.

The interesting thing is that the six-step agenda can all be delivered by state and local governments. We often think we need the feds to deliver reform (and then get frustrated when they don't). But the exciting thing is that our blue states and cities can go ahead and implement this progressive agenda. Here's the video:

Reich's list to boost labor (near the end of the video):

1. Living wage (states and cities can raise those)
2. Larger earned income tax credit (every state can max out the state EITC)
3. Free universal childcare (something states and cities can implement)
4. Good schools (run by local governments with funding by states)
5. Universal health insurance (states can do this for their citizens)
6. Union rights (a little tougher with federal preemption but a lot to be done)

I find it inspiring that one of the intellectual leaders of progressive policy lays out the agenda for prosperity and it does not rely on the feds to implement. We can do it.

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