Wednesday, March 24, 2004

6% tax on income >$250,000 gets a boost from Cindy Richards

Cindy Richards' column in the Sun-Times here promotes SJRCA 20 (the bill is here), which is usually called "The Pat Quinn Amendment" in the press. Cindy Richards neglects to identify the bill number, or the Senate sponsor, Maggie Crotty.

That's probably a sign of a problem for the smart idea -- when it is identified so strongly with Lt. Governor Quinn, and not so much with other lawmakers. I asked Senator Crotty yesterday what's going on with the amendment, and she says that she'll still enthusiastic about it, but I wonder why there haven't been any additional co-sponsors. Maybe Lt. Gov Quinn is hoping to cut a deal to get SJRCA 20 passed at the end of session, but I think he needs some Senators to start helping out. Soon.

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