Thursday, March 11, 2004

Lower the voting age. Teenagers pay taxes, live under laws. They should vote.

So, a 17-year old pays taxes. Will go to jail if she commits a crime. Usually goes to a public school. But can not help to pick the people who will make decisions on curriculum, taxes, crime, etc.

I think we should lower the voting age to 16.

But thanks to a tip from One Man's Thoughts blog at, some California legislators are making me out to be disenfranchising Dan.

They want to lower the voting age to 14. Here's the article.

Here are some interesting aspects to it:

1. It's only for state and local elections.

2. It's only a fraction of a vote. 17 and 16 year olds get a half of a vote. 14 and 15 year olds get a quarter of a vote.

I'd have to say, I don't like the second part. I think that's unconstitutional under Bush v. Gore, as it treats voters unequally. And if someone gets the vote, they should get a full vote.

Senator John Vascocelles in California (one of the four sponsors) is a thoughtful guy, and has introduced a state constitutional amendment that would open up politics there (with fair redistricting, instant runoff voting, public financing of elections, none of the above and perhaps even fusion. I can't remember all the details.)

Here's the bill. It's SCA 14.

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