Wednesday, March 23, 2005

They are the religious fundamentalists, not the religious right

I heard a U.S. Senator speak this afternoon about his 2006 bid, and how the "religious right" is continuing to organize around this absurd Schiavo case to mobilize their base.

We ought to call them "religious fundamentalists" instead of the "religious right."


First because the former is more accurate.

Second because "fundamentalist" sounds scary.

Third because "right" is a synonym for "correct" and that's not something we want to associate with our political opponents.

So don't use the term "religious right" and if you see anyone in print ever using it again, email them the better term.

Frame the debate!


So-Called Austin Mayor said...

You are fundamentally correct.

Jeff Wegerson said...

Good point, and while we're at it we might as well nail all the "fundamentalists" and drop the "religious" part. There may be other kinds of fundamentalists out there but the default is currently religious.

Amy Allen said...

I concur in that perhaps they would then cease to be inexplicably associated with the GOP. I am not maligning the "religious right," but itenerant social conservatives exist on both sides of the aisle.

Anonymous said...

Except that fundamentalist isn't exactly the correct term, either. Most of these self-styled christians are really old testament zealots. Just as Antonin Scalia's supposed love of "original intent" has very little historic basis, the literalism of religious extremists has no basis in Christian doctrine. You are correct to want to frame the debate accurately, but calling those guys "fundamentalists" is an insult to the Gospels.

Ralph said...

You are satan, Mr. Dan!

Please post a profile, so we can get a more accurate effigy to burn!

We know we are right because the Bible says so! (Except for that shrimp part).

Anonymous said...

Save me jebus.