Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Museum of Broadcast Communications, for radio and TV history fans, needs a funding surge

The Museum of Broadcast Communications is going to be another jewel for the region. Right now it's under construction, and when it's complete, this will be a top-10 destination for tourists, helping to stimulate our regional economy.

However, as Eric Zorn writes today, it needs a funding surge to make sure it gets completed.

The State of Illinois should pony up for this project (just as many museums and, for that matter, sports teams, get public funding), and if you haven't seen the Museum's online shop, check it out, particularly if you're a fan of TV and radio history. You can also donate to the Museum.

Full disclosure: I'm an unpaid guest on Bruce DuMont's Beyond the Beltway program every now and again; Bruce is the CEO of the Museum.

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