Thursday, January 04, 2007

Speaker Pelosi sounded great (and Representative Holt had a nice touch)

What a great feeling: Speaker Pelosi swearing in the new Democratic House of Representatives. She came across as warm and sincere (not unlike the grandfatherly warmth of Speaker Hastert), and her joy was touching.

I thought it was a great touch to bring up all the children to surround her on the podium.

Her insistence on passing substantive legislation in 100 hours resonated as well and reminded me that the '100 days' benchmark that FDR created with his New Deal is far too slow for 2007. 100 hours is more like it. I like the sense of urgency.

And I thought it was great Representative Holt stood up for democracy by raising a point of parliamentary procedure in support of the 90,000 votes that disappeared in a Florida congressional election and ensuring that the decision to seat the Republican candidate did not affect in any way the litigation over Christine Jennings' election.

It's an odd feeling to not be immediately defensive about Washington D.C. I like this change.

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