Thursday, October 23, 2008

Poll: Illinois voters want federal-style tax brackets

Two-thirds of Illinois voters want a progressive income tax with federal-style tax brackets instead of a flat rate income tax according to the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute's most recent poll.

That's by far the most popular method of raising revenue.
Add income tax brackets with a higher rate for higher incomes? 66% support
Raising the state sales tax? 17% support
Taxing services? 28% support
More gambling? 47% support
Sell or lease the lottery or other assets? 38% support

And that's one more reason to amend the state constitution by voting YES on the constitutional convention question on the ballot this November.

Our constitution has a flat income tax rate requirement. That's dumb. Since the General Assembly didn't put a constitutional amendment on amending the income tax on the ballot this November (like they should have), we'll have to convene a constitutional convention to put the amendment on the ballot in 2010. So then at least the next Governor can implement a progressive income tax in 2011 in his or her first term.

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