Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why would anyone vote for more Republican rule in Washington?

Republicans have screwed things up so badly that they all ought to be fired.

Why would anyone vote to give Republicans more control over the government after they:

1. Invaded the wrong country after we were attacked
2. Got rid of all any regulations over the banks that could have stopped the meltdown
3. Made the middle class and working people worse off with lower or flat wages 
4. Made America's millionaire's much richer by cutting their taxes a lot (and now call Barack a socialist for trying to bring back the same tax rates for millionaires that we used when Clinton was the president -- which seemed to work out very well economically speaking and
5. Made college more expensive (very little financial aid) and
6. Tried to put Social Security in the same financial companies' control that just went bankrupt

This is the year to give Democrats control over the entire federal government and vote against any Republican Member of Congress.

Democrats fired Senator Clinton for voting to go to Iraq (replacing her with Barack Obama, as she was essentially the presumptive nominee before Iowa). Now it's time to do the same for any Republican who voted to go to Iraq. They ought to be fired for wasting our money and ending tens of thousands of lives in a mistaken war. 

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Reed said...

Right on, Dan! It's all too simple. I've been looking back, too. Here's what I thought.