Thursday, February 19, 2004

Daley has "no problem" with San Francisco-style gay marriage licenses. Wow.

Look at how quickly the debate on gays has moved in this country.

10 years ago it was controversial to try to require homeowners to rent to a gay couple. (And we still haven't passed that law in the Illinois legislature).

Today, Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago -- the capital of the American heartland -- says that he has "no problem" with marriage licenses issued to gay couples. It's in today's Sun-Times.

Cultural tolerance of homosexuals has increased dramatically in the nineties and in the oughts (the 2000s). It's stunning, really. What a shift.

(But this hasn't hit the south, and the southern half of Illinois is not nearly as tolerant as the northern half. So passing any legislation in the state is a slow, long road.)

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