Sunday, February 08, 2004

Just where is Saddam Hussein?

Here's a question: where the heck is that former ally of the Reagan White House Saddam Hussein?

He was captured on December 13th. This AP story says that he has been giving up some information to US government forces in interrogation. But where is he?

And why hasn't the Bush government put him on television -- or any public view at all -- in the last two months? It seems like the Bush government is manipulating the images of a captured Saddam and saving them up for closer to the election. I don't trust those guys at the top.

(There's this conservative impulse to find anything less than blind faith in the actions of the president and the rest of the government unwise and somehow dangerous. 'We have to trust the president to do the right thing' they say. And that's an absurdly undemocratic attitude. We do not trust the leaders of the government to do the right thing. That's why we have elections and a free press to watch over them. We don't have a king and we're not subjects. We have a civilian president and we're citizens who can yank that person out of power in November. The culture of some conservatives who just refuse to question the judgement of the president is really undemocratic, and we need to call it out.)

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