Friday, February 20, 2004

Questions the Family Steering Committee for the 9/11 Commission wants Bush to answer

President Bush should answer all these questions under oath and in public, according to the Family Steering Committee looking for an independent commission about the September 11th attacks.

They are

1. As Commander-in-Chief on the morning of 9/11, why didn't you return
immediately to Washington, D.C. or the National Military Command Center once
you became aware that America was under attack? At specifically what time
did you become aware that America was under attack? Who informed you of this

2. On the morning of 9/11, who was in charge of our country while you were
away from the National Military Command Center? Were you informed or
consulted about all decisions made in your absence?

3. What defensive action did you personally order to protect our nation
during the crisis on September 11th? What time were these orders given, and
to whom? What orders were carried out? What was the result of such orders?
Were any such orders not carried out?

4. In your opinion, why was our nation so utterly unprepared for an attack
on our own soil?

5. U.S. Navy Captain Deborah Loewer, the Director of the White House
Situation Room, informed you of the first airliner hitting Tower One of the
World Trade Center before you entered the Emma E. Booker Elementary School
in Sarasota, Florida. Please explain the reason why you decided to continue
with the scheduled classroom visit, fifteen minutes after learning the first
hijacked airliner had hit the World Trade Center.

6. Is it normal procedure for the Director of the White House Situation Room
to travel with you? If so, please cite any prior examples of when this
occurred. If not normal procedure, please explain the circumstances that led
to the Director of the White House Situation Room being asked to accompany
you to Florida during the week of September 11th.

7. What plan of action caused you to remain seated after Andrew Card
informed you that a second airliner had hit the second tower of the World
Trade Center and America was clearly under attack? Approximately how long
did you remain in the classroom after Card's message?

8. At what time were you made aware that other planes were hijacked in
addition to Flight 11 and Flight 175? Who notified you? What was your course
of action as Commander-in-Chief of the United States?

9. Beginning with the transition period between the Clinton administration
and your own, and ending on 9/11/01, specifically what information (either
verbal or written) about terrorists, possible attacks and targets, did you
receive from any source?

10. As Commander-in-Chief, from May 1, 2001 until September 11, 2001, did
you receive any information from any intelligence agency official or agent
that UBL was planning to attack this nation on its own soil using airplanes
as weapons, targeting New York City landmarks during the week of September
11, 2001 or on the actual day of September 11, 2001?

11. What defensive measures did you take in response to pre-9/11 warnings
from eleven nations about a terrorist attack, many of which cited an attack
in the continental United States? Did you prepare any directives in response
to these actions? If so, with what results?

12. As Commander-in-Chief from May 1, 2001 until September 11, 2001, did you
or any agent of the United States government carry out any negotiations or
talks with UBL, an agent of UBL, or al-Qaeda? During that same period, did
you or any agent of the United States government carry out any negotiations
or talks with any foreign government, its agents, or officials regarding
UBL? If so, what resulted?

13. What was the purpose of the several stops of Air Force One on September
11th? Was Air Force One at any time during the day of September 11th a
target of the terrorists? Was Air Force One's code ever breached on
September 11th?

14. Was there a reason for Air Force One lifting off without a military
escort, even after ample time had elapsed to allow military jets to arrive?

15. Who approved the flight of the bin Laden family out of the United States
when all commercial flights were grounded, when there was time for only
minimal questioning by the FBI, and especially, when two of those same
individuals had links to WAMY, a charity suspected of funding terrorism? Why
were bin Laden family members granted that special privilege - a privilege
not available to American families whose loved ones were killed on 9/11?

16. Please explain why no one in any level of our government has yet been
held accountable for the countless failures leading up to and on 9/11?

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