Monday, June 28, 2004

Bush on the ballot bill passes with no debate

Disappointing action out of the Illinois General Assembly -- Democrats have passed SB 2123 to accommodate the Republicans' September convention in New York City. It passed unanimously without anyone speaking against it a few minutes ago.

The bill is here.

I don't understand why Illinois Democrats are allowing the Bush campaign to take advantage of the 9/11 tragedy with an illegally (at least for now) late convention without even attempting to push back.

I really belive it's a dishonorable move by the Bush campaign, and the Democrats are just letting them get away with it. It's a real missed opportunity.

I understand that the NYC convention isn't the fault of the Illinois Republicans, and that the legislators are finding common ground while they camp out in Springfield after the governor calls a special session every day, but this is ridiculous.

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