Monday, June 28, 2004

The Jack! attack puts him back in the pack

I tried to rhyme. That didn't work.

Anyway, after a nice weekend off, the only insight about Jack Ryan's withdrawal from the race that I can offer would be future-oriented: primary voters should try to not be seduced by wealthy political virgins, especially those that are attractive (like Jack) and with an interesting story (like Jack).

Although, I did find his primary commercials about his bio some of the most condescending pieces ever aired. They went something like this:

(voice over with white letters on a black background)

After Jack Ryan graduated from Dartmouth College. . .

Got his MBA from Harvard Business School. . .

Made Partner at Goldman Sachs. . .

What's the next step?

(cue folksy music and switch to a picture of Jack)

Why, teach in an inner-city high school of course!

(cut to a picture of Jack surrounded by black boys in a classroom, and someone throws a paper airplane at his head, causing Jack to shrug and smile sheepishly)

As in: how could *ANYONE* ever decide to actually teach black kids after they've grown up in privilige and made a ton of money as an investment banker?! This guy must be some kind of a nutty saint!! To teach black kids!! WOW!!! This guy's so crazy it just might work!!

I mean, give me a break. That's nice that he's a teacher, but you know what, there are lots of teachers, and he doesn't deserve more credit or thanks that he went into teaching for a few years after he made a ton of money than someone who went directly into teaching. That was the implicit message, which I found rather condescending.

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