Thursday, June 10, 2004

Good news -- federal judge tosses out prohibition on transit agencies accepting ads about drug war

From the Drug Policy Alliance:

Enormous Victory for Alliance as Judge Tosses Rep. Istook's Free-Speech Gag
Thursday, June 3, 2004

Not allowing drug policy reform advertising on subways, trains and buses is blatantly unconstitutional, a federal judge ruled June 2 in a lawsuit filed by the Alliance and our partners against the federal government. The judge's decision effectively strikes down a law passed by Congress this year that prohibited the Drug Policy Alliance and other reform groups from buying ad space on the Washington, DC subway system to attack the unjust imprisonment of marijuana users.


I called up the Drug Policy Alliance last year to ask why more advocacy wasn't happening in Illinois on the budget-busting drug war. And the Executive Director Ethan Nadelmann got on the phone.

I encourage you to join their organization. You can join here. Those $20 contributions do add up.

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