Thursday, June 10, 2004

Interesting take on the Democratic Party and the bullies of Big Labor

I'm a big fan of labor unions -- especially for people who don't have them.

But some of the unions with the wealthiest members are absolute bullies.

And generally the Democratic Party capitulates to them.

Long term, Democratic electeds need to ensure that they aren't getting pushed around by unions in order to earn the support of younger and independent voters (like me).

This insight lifted entirely from this article from Joan Vennochi in the Boston Globe.

It plays out in Chicago at McCormick Place where the unions charge a ridiculous amount of money and refuse to do basic tasks if union work rules prohibit it (like only an electrician can plug in an extension cord). Of course, that's all hearsay as I've never seen it happen.

And it plays out with the teachers' union as some of the worst teachers who should be fired are protected by the union, when it's clear to everyone that we're all better off to get rid of the bad teachers and pay lots more money to hire great ones.

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