Friday, April 29, 2005

Good progressive media conference in Urbana next week

Bob McChesney, a prof at the University of Illinois in communication studies and author of excellent critiques of the corporate media, has pulled together a top-notch conference for May 10-11 in Urbana. Representative Bernie Sanders, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, Naomi Klein author of No Logo, Seymour Hersch, breaker of all good stories in the New Yorker about the bad deeds around the Bush invasion, and Phil Donahue, all-around good guy, are among the speakers.

The conference information is here.

I'm glad that the University of Illinois is hosting this innovative conference.

Here is some headline information from the site:

Can Freedom of the Press Survive Media Consolidation?

A Conference featuring Artists, Journalists, Media Executives, Policy Makers, Activists, and Scholars

Free and Open to the Public!

Sponsored by the Illinois Initiative for Media Policy Research
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign May 10-11, 2005

tentative schedule -- subject to change

1. Tuesday, May 10, Foellinger Auditorium. 5-6:30 PM Seymour Hersh, Keynote address.

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Bill Baar said...

Did you read the Trib Editorial Sunday on the Plame case and their advice to the reporters to talk to the Grand Jury because they have such a week case? Tribs fear is this will go the the Supreme Court and the "Press" will lose.

CBS tried to subvert a democratic election with forged documents. I'm more scared with what the old msm is trying to pull off lately than Gov abuse.