Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Maybe Rockford voters just like maverick independents with Morrisey, Hull and Anderson

Yesterday Rockford Mayor Doug Scott, a good guy Democrat, lost his re-election bid not to a Republican but to an Independent, Lawrence Morrisey. Few cities with more than 100,000 residents elect independents in partisan races. This is a big deal. But I think it is consistent with Rockford voters' history. In the 2004 primary, Winnebago County (where Rockford is located) chose Blair Hull over Dan Hynes, Barack Obama and everyone else. Winnebago was the only county that Blair Hull won, and Hull was certainly the most independent or maverick of the major Dem contenders for the Senate seat. And John B. Anderson, my political role model, launched his independent campaign for President from Rockford as well. I think they just like independents more than most, and that is one factor in the mayoral election. Speaking of independents and upsets in mayoral elections, Big Ups to Berwyn! The independent reformers routed the machine candidates in a near-sweep of city races, ending almost overnight decades of corruption in the near West suburb.

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