Tuesday, April 05, 2005

This is a gorgeous election day. We should hold elections in June.

Every election day should have 70 degree weather. Our spring elections should be moved to early June.


Anonymous said...

You need a separate section of this website called "Things in the U.S. Constitution that should be changed." I'm being only slightly sarcastic here. I think it would be useful both for your fellow Progessives and for us visiting conservatives. You should allow others to post suggestions as well. I'm guessing the initial list would include: (1) Eliminate Electoral College and use some proportional representation model; (2) Eliminate 2nd Amendment and replace with some form of gun-control language or blanket firearm restriction; (3) Add some form of fair wage concept and right to unionize language; (4) add explicit environmental protection; (5) change election day to first Tuesday in June; (6) OTHERS? I think your fans would enjoy adding to this list. And God knows I'd love reading it. - CF

cal skinner said...

Primary elections were held the 2nd Tuesday in June in 1966.

I figure the incumbents moved them to March so that challengers could not knock on doors without freezing or at hours after people came home from work. Not much daylight after 6 from January to March.

Lazerlou said...

Can we make it a national holiday, or 2 days of national holiday?