Friday, May 20, 2005

Boland for Treasurer starting to pick up some attention

Representative Mike Boland, a progressive Democrat in a 52% Bush district, is apparently thinking of running for Treasurer if Judy Baar Topinka vacates the office. This, according to a Russ Stewart column here.

Boland is cut from a similar cloth as Pat Quinn, with his background in the Citizens Utility Board. I'm a big Boland fan, especially because of his enthusiasm for opening up our election system. If he runs, I'm in his corner.

But I'm getting to be such a wuss! I hate the thought of risking it all to run for a bigger office. I guess I don't have the testicular virility to fully support good House members running for a different race. (Yeah, I'm a few days late, but it's still funny).

Speaking of testicular virility jokes, during floor debate today, Representative Bob Molaro was questioning Representative Marlow Colvin about the purpose of his bill, and grew increasingly exasperated, but wanted to assure Colvin that he wasn't trying to be difficult. He said "Look, I'm not just trying to bust your -- ahh, well, what's the word? Your testicular virility. OK? But what's the point of the bill?"

It was funny.


FightforJustice said...

Mike adds a unique persective to the House. He's paid his dues long enough to justify a statewide run.

Jeff Wegerson said...

Dan here's an interesting possibility for expanding into a Scoop powered blog.

The best thing about Scoop is that it allows comments to have comments.

Check this out. I would donate to help you pay. You are a top Illinois blogger for my money.

Amy Allen said...

Do you think he could beat Laski and Brown in a primary?
I think so. But, wouldn't he vs Rutherford be kind of like Poshard vs Ryan........

DownLeft said...

I'm glad you didn't make the same mistake Russ Stewart did of painting Boland as some kind of Poshard-style conservative. Russ is sharp but I don't know what he was thinking on that one. There aren't many house members more liberal than Boland. I wrote about that at DownLeft too.

FightforJustice said...

Mike is conservative about guns, reflecting his constituency. I believe he also took the pledge not to raise taxes. That's about it.