Monday, May 16, 2005

White House evacuated; Commander-in-Chief is MIA. That's Bush leadership

A plane is headed towards the White House. The U.S. Capitol is evacuated. Speaker Hastert is rushed to a secure location. The White House is evacuated. Laura Bush is taken away. It's a red alert.

And George W. is riding his mountain bike.

This plane might need to be shot down. It's within three miles of the White House -- how many minutes until it hits the White House from three miles away? Two? Three? Five?

And George W. is riding his mountain bike.

This could be the second Al Queda attack on D.C. with the worst results possible. These are the moments that test leadership.

And George W. is riding his mountain bike.

No one thought to call the President of the United States.

That's our leadership in Washington. An MIA President.

Here's an excerpt from one of the few times our corporate media reporters took on the White House with hard questions about this appalling lack of leadership from the White House. It's from Editor and Publisher, through Yahoo News.

If you feel safe with President Bush in office, you should tell me how. Because days like this when the President rides his mountain bike while a plane barrels towards the White House make me very nervous about trusting Republicans with national security.


Ralph said...

C'mon. Nobody, but nobody hates GW more than Ralph, but who cares? Shoot the plane down. If for no other reason than to say: People stupid enough to fly planes toward the capitol/White House will be shot down. Good riddance to people with low IQ's.

If the "President" had been involved we would be treated to pictures of him at an anti-aircraft battery 24/7. Do you want that Dan? Do you?

Keep him away from guns, I say.

Jeff Wegerson said...

Ralph, are the people on the ground underneath the falling pieces of plane stupid too for being there? Plus this kind of stupidity is equal opportunity IQ wise.

Dan, I like the theory that they very much had no intention of telling Bush. He's useless at making real decisions so yes keep him out of the loop. Nobody forgot to tell him.

ted said...

On the one hand, we're probably all a lot safer with GWB riding his bike than when he does anything else.

And on the other hand, we all should do more bike-riding. Thanks for setting a presidential example, GWB!

WarriorMoM said...

Bush can ride a bike? Amazing!