Friday, May 06, 2005

What percentage of the national vote do you think the Labor Party earned yesterday?

They won a majority of seats -- somewhere around 57% of all seats in the House of Commons.

So take a guess.




Yeah. Not so much.

About 37% of the vote.

The Conservative Party won 33%.

And the Liberal Democratic Party won 22%.

That's according to an exit poll in this article.

The reason why things get so ridiculously distorted between the share of the vote earned and the share of the seats won is that the United Kingdom does not use proportional representation.

Instead, they use the system that we've inherited -- electing one legislator from a district who faces the impossible task of representing people who voted against her.

The Labor Party is enjoying a manufactured majority in the House of Commons. And that's not right.

Hopefully the next election in the UK will use proportional representation -- Irish-style voting. Check out to see what they (and we) should do.