Sunday, July 03, 2005

Independence Day: This year, I'm investing in the Democratic Party

One of my favorite anecdotes of the Revolutionary Way goes something like this: during the late 18th century when American patriots worked feverishly to transform themselves from subjects of the Crown to citizens of a nation, not every colonist cared. In fact, conventional wisdom at the time suggested that only about a third of all the colonists supported independence. Another third wanted America to remain part of the British Empire. And the final third didn't really care.

One of the most important events of the Western World where finally, self-evident truths that all men are created equal were legally expressed for the first time, and two-thirds of the people were either hostile or indifferent.

So, facing a corporate-evangelical onslaught on the New Deal (the latest battleground is the reactionaries' original tool to veto the New Deal -- the Supreme Court), we might draw a bit of inspiration and strength from the Revolutionaries of the 18th Century.

And I've decided to invest in the Democratic Party, with the egalitarian, candor-to-power spirit of Governor Howard Dean. I bought a Democracy Bond. It's $20 a month (more if you can afford it). And I think it's a good investment, as I trust the money will be spent outside of DC and in hiring organizers in red states.

Buy your own here.

The link is

Be among the one-third that work for liberty and justice for all. Invest and engage.

Here's Governor Dean's explanation for why a small-donor political party is crucial to the health of the Republic.


If our party is going to both compete in the short term and build for the long term, we're going to have to do things differently.

The Republicans raise more than $10 million a month in huge checks from special interests and lobbyists. They have created a money-for-influence machine unlike anything our country has ever seen.

A million of us contributing $20 a month can double their total. To do that, every single one of us will have to take ownership of this party. And that's exactly the point -- by making your 'Democracy Bond' commitment, and encouraging people you know to do the same, you can shift the balance of power in our political process.

The 'Democracy Bond' is a core commitment to our party and our values that every Democrat should embrace. We will only create lasting change if that sense of obligation and responsibility becomes a permanent part of our lives.

The other side has its game plan to win. They will divide America by race, religion, class, sexual orientation and any other way they can if it means a political advantage -- they will even exploit the sacred memory of September 11th. They will shamelessly appeal to the worst in us -- exploiting our fears and scapegoating the most vulnerable. And while they stoke resentment among the people, special interests and ideologues will bankroll their party and set the agenda.

The way to beat them is simple. We will unite and empower people everywhere. By doing so we will ensure that the Democratic Party is beholden to no one but the people -- and that when we govern, the concerns of ordinary Americans are our priority.


FightforJustice said...

Contrary to what Dean would have us believe, Democrats have relied more upon a few large donors than Republicans. Prior to McCain-Feingold, the Democrat Party garnered more $1 million+ donations than Republicans.

JeffSmith2004 said...
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