Wednesday, July 06, 2005

New progressive legislative network launching from Montana for blue legislators

And they've got a blog!

The Progressive Legislative Action Network is setting up shop in Montana (where the Dems run the show, so of course, wages rise and the standard of living goes up for most people).

They have a blog here. I plan to be a regular reader. I might try to go out to Seattle for their kick-off on August 16th. I hope they plan to recruit heavily from Illinois legislative leaders who are setting the pace for progressive states in the U.S. -- the rest of the nation has something to learn from Illinois, the capital of Blue America!

Their blog is here and their main site is here. -- cool. . . .The blog is now on the blogroll.

I've gone to the Center for Policy Alternatives' conference (I blogged about it rather sloppily here), which is an overlapping (and already existing) organization, and maybe it's not so great that there are now two groups for progressive state legislators instead of one, but what the heck. Let a thousand flowers bloom.


Anonymous said...

Dan, let me know if you go. I was invited to attend and if my schedule permits, I'm going to head out there.

John Fritchey

Amy Allen said...

Progressives in Montana?
Hey, you got a comment from Rep.Fritchey! I would say "congratulations," but its not exactly incongruous for you.