Saturday, December 11, 2004

Center for Policy Alternatives conference - random musings and nuggets of insight

On the Treo so forgive the typos. A DC conference for progressive state legislators see for details. Several ILL reps here many speaking on their successes. Barack sent a video greeting as a former state legislator. Nice quote: the Republicans do not let common sense get in the way of ideology. Dems took over Montana with populist message. Perhaps we should fund the treatment of addictive disorders with a sin tax on booze and nicotine. Be tough on crime not just tough on criminals. Lots of people with mental health problems are getting incarcerated. Mandatory minimums a bad idea for sentencing. . .I wonder what ho Illinois stacks up. Dukakis spoke and said the following. 1. Reagan's second term had a burst of progressive state initiatives and maybe Bush II will too. 2. Kerry ran a good campaign except on volunteer mobilization. Every single door in the country should be knocked on by a Kerry volunteer. Every single precinct in the country should have a captain. There were 2 million Kerry contributors and they were not asked to be a precinct captain. There are only 160,000 precincts in the country. We have enough people willing to volunteer if they are asked and taught. 3. The present health care system is an anti-business mandate system. If you insure your employees you pay for the health care of your competitor's employees as well because the cost of free or emergency room care gets passed onto those who do buy health insurance. He does not understand why the businesses that buy health insurance do not see this and scream about it. 4. What's the excuse for Wal-Mart not paying for health insurance for their employees? So make them. Retail jobs are not going anywhere. 5. Minimum wage vote in Florida got 73 percent and Nevada vote got 68 percent. Pretty cool guy.


Anonymous said...

(from Duff -- not wanting to hassle creating an acct)

Dan -- Regarding mandatory minimums, what's the conventional wisdom in you circles on the rebuff in California to the ballot attempt to roll back 3-strikes?

Anonymous said...

(Duff) -- re Montana

I think CV here is that the Gov victory is personality-driven. That, and he had a business background -- not a wonky background like you and I share.

I can't find any examples of Dem challengers beating Republican state House or Senate incumbents last month, whereas 4 Dem incumbents lost to Republicans:
The Republican US Rep doubled up on the Dem challenger, 280k to 140k. And so on.

Daniel said...
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Daniel said...

I think it shows how removed from this campaign Dukakis was...

"2. Kerry ran a good campaign except on volunteer mobilization. Every single door in the country should be knocked on by a Kerry volunteer."

First in the contested battleground states Kerry campaign knocked on most doors many times and followed up multiple phone calls. There has never been a recorded effort for Democrats with as many active volunteers.

Second it is ridiculous to suggest every door in the country needed to be knocked on by the Presidential candidates volunteers. Why would we waste resources to knock on doors in Alabama? It is fine to say to your Alabama folks, go knock on doors. But the truth is to get them trained and doing anything meanful, it is going to cost the campaign resources taken away from a battleground state. If the local party in the Alabama is dropping the ball in a non-battleground state, the DNC needs to step in with resources.

Dean is example A. What Dean didn't understand is that you either run for President or try to reform the party, you can't do both at once.

Dan Johnson-Weinberger said...

Duff -- re Montana. I think the Dems took the state senate for the first time in a decade and they are in litigation to get the House as well. This quote: "Democrats already will have majority control in state Senate for the 2005 session, marking the first time in 10 years that the Legislature hasn't been under complete Republican control." is from the Great Falls Tribune here:

Anonymous said...


Thanks. Looks like they won a lot of open seats.