Saturday, December 18, 2004

Obama gets paid -- almost $2 million to write.

Barack is getting a $1.9 million advance to write three books, one for kids (and that $200,000 is going to charity). So he's really getting $1.7 million to write two books.

That's great.

I remember when there were stacks of Dreams From My Father in the closet of the campaign office, and for $100 a donor would get a signed copy.

It's nice to have a famous black man who is getting serious money for. . . .writing.

Not playing sports or rapping.

That black male role model aspect is part of the fuel of the Ba-Rocket.

Now he's got a real challenge: how to deliver progressive legislation with a 45 seat minority. If we thought Pate was a tough legislative leader, I can't imagine how bad it will be to get bills through White House-staff influenced Frist.

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