Sunday, December 19, 2004

Go-to person in A-G's office for open government created

Phil Kadner in the Daily Southtown has the story here on Lisa Madigan fulfilling a campaign pledge to make government more transparent.

She has appointed Terry Mutchler as the Public Access Counselor in the Attorney-General's office, who will take requests, complaints and questions from anyone in the State about public access to government documents, open meetings and the like.

Terry Mutchler can be reached at (217) 524-1503 or

Congratulations to Lisa Madigan and to Terry Mutchler. Let's call our new (free) lawyer, Terry Mutchler when we're not getting answers from our government.

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FightforJustice said...

I agree with Dan that Lisa is to be congratulated. Now we need to have some penalties attach when a unit of local government refuses to comply with a reasonable FOIA request. Currently there is no punishment for deliberate violations.